$1000 Minute Thursday, October 3rd

How did you do today?

1)    When served as food, squid is referred to as what?








2)  Returning for its 10th season this Sunday, name the TV series that tells the story of a small group of people living in a zombie apocalypse.
(The Walking Dead)









3)   If someone has carpal tunnel syndrome, what part of the body is affected?








4)    What is the next number in this sequence…15 / 35 / 55 …








5)   In what European city is the Colosseum located?








6)  What is a spider’s web made of?








7)   Gwen Stefani celebrates a birthday today. What country singer has she been in a relationship with since 2015?
(Blake Shelton)








8)  SPELL: Jeopardize.
 (J E O P A R D I Z E)








9)    Who was just announced as the new Toronto Maple Leafs captain last night?
(John Tavares)








10)  The Japanese flag shows a circle of what colour on a white background?