$1000 Minute: Tuesday, April 2nd

How did you do this morning?

  1. What was the Tinman seeking from the Wizard of Oz?

A Heart

  1. Now that Easter is official behind us, what is the next Stat Holiday for Ontario?

Victoria Day May 20th

  1. Snap Crackel and Pop are the cartoon mascots for this breakfast cereal?

Rice Krispies

  1. This organization of young girls is known for selling their delicious cookies.

The Girl Guides

  1. A Triathlon is comprised of sports: cycling, running, and what?


  1. The Iris, Pupil and Sclera (sklur-uh) are all part of what body part?

The Eye

  1. This Dairy food category is often mentioned when taking someone’s photo?


  1. If you told someone that something was “a piece of cake”, what are you really saying?

It was Easy/Simple

  1. Who is said to be faster than a speeding bullet and stronger than a locomotive?


  1. If 99 bottles of beer were on the wall and 36 fell down, how many are left?