$1000 Minute Tuesday, August 27th

Did you get them all right?

1)    Solar power comes from which energy source?
(The Sun)






2)    A new subscription video on-demand service is launching this fall, owned and operated by the Walt Disney Company. What is it called?
(Disney Plus)







3)  The Blue Jays face the Braves tonight in Toronto. Which Georgia City are the Braves from?







4)  What colour is a monarch butterfly?







5)    Leo DiCaprio’s Earth Alliance organization just donated 5 million dollars to the Amazon rainforest fires. Which movie does Leo star in that is in theatres right now?
(Once Upon A Time in Hollywood)








6)    SPELL: Alliance.
(A L L I A N C E)








7)  12 noon is AM or PM?







8) Today is August 27th. How many days are left in August not including today?







9)  “Checkmate” is said at the end of which board game?








10)  If you paid the cashier with two twenty dollar bills for a $28.50 purchase, how much change would you get back?