$1000 Minute: Tuesday, February 6th!

How did you do this morning!

  1. Sherri Lewis is an American ventriloquist, puppeteer and children’s entertainer who created and voiced this Sock Puppet?

Lamp Chop

  1. Spell ventriloquist?


  1. True or False Mitch Marner was named the MVP of this past weekends NHL All Star Game hosted in Toronto?

False it was Austin Matthews

  1. The ingredients on a Canadian pizza are: Tomato sauce, bacon, pepperoni, green peppers, onions, Cheese and what?


  1. This artist is performing at the Superbowl Halftime show in Las Vegas on Sunday?


  1. Amy is writing Valentines Cards for her 17 classmates and teacher. She’s already written 7, how many more does she need to write?


  1. Today is February 5th, if your birthday was today, what Astrological sign would you be?


  1. The Fab Four was a nickname given to this Band?

The Beatles

  1. What is the name of the Arena where the Barrie Colts Play?

Saldon Arena

  1. What planet is the 3rd closest to the sun?