$1000 Minute Tuesday, July 9th

1)  Kawhi Leonard signed with which NBA team? (LA Clippers)           […]

1)  Kawhi Leonard signed with which NBA team?
(LA Clippers)






2)  Yesterday was Kevin Bacon’s birthday – in what iconic 80’s movie did he play the character Ren McCormack?







3)  Which singer did the Bottle Cap Challenge over the weekend? Mariah Carey OR Jennifer Lopez?
(Mariah Carey)







4)  What is the largest province in Canada based on land mass?







5)  The latest remake of Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ is being released this weekend. NAME the singer who voices Nala in the movie.







6)  NAME the sea creature that natural pearls are found in?








7)    SPELL: Percussion.






8)  You buy a coffee that is a total of $2.15, using a $5 bill. How much change do you receive?







9)  The MLB All-Star game is tonight at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio. Which sport is this game for?







10) TRUE OR FALSE: July is the only month of the year with 31 days in it.