$1000 Minute: Tuesday, May 14th

How did you do this morning?

  1. What type of Dog is Snoopy from the Peanuts Comic Strip?

A Beagle

  1. This device exposes a glass of wine to oxygen and enhances its taste and aroma when used.

An aerator

  1. This is awarded to the opposing team in a Soccer match after an infraction has occurred, outside of the box.

Free kick

  1. If Charlie bought 9 hamburgers that were 7 dollars, each how much did she spend?


  1. In what state can you find the Grand Canyon?


  1. What colour is the Character Grimace from McDonald’s?


  1. We’ve all heard the acronym UFO, but what does it stand for?

Unidentified flying object.

  1. This season precede winter?


  1. What is the official name for your turning flasher in a car?

Indicator Light

  1. This game is played in a pool where one person is swimming with their eyes closed as they try to tag the other participants.

Marco Polo