$1000 Minute Tuesday, November 5th

How did you do this morning?

1)  A Cockatoo, Lovebird, and Macaw are all classifications of what bird?






2)  If you were looking at the time on the Big Ben, what country would you be in?






3)  Kevin Jonas celebrates a birthday today. TRUE OR FALSE: Kevin is the SECOND oldest of the Jonas Brothers.
(FALSE – He is the oldest)








4)   I need 3 apples to make 1 pie, and I have 10 pies to make. How many apples do I need?







5)  SPELL: Technique.
(T E C H N I Q U E)







6) On a standard keyboard, what number has the percentage symbol on it?







7)  If you order the Eggs Benedict for breakfast, what kind of sauce would it traditionally have on top?








8)  In theatres this week, “Doctor Sleep” is a continuation of the 1980s movie “The Shining”. Name the famous horror author who wrote these stories.
(Stephen King)









9)    How many NHL team are there in Ontario?
(2 – Toronto Maple Leafs & Ottawa Senators)








10) What are you supposedly going to find at the end of a rainbow?
(Pot of Gold/Gold)