$1000 Minute: Wednesday, April 10th

How did you do this morning?

  1. Who sings the song Rubber Ducky?

Ernie (From Sesame Street)

  1. True or false, the Toronto Maple Leafs have clinched a Playoff spot?


  1. If you bowled a perfect game in 10 pins, what score did you get?


  1. What colour is emerald?


  1. What car company’s symbol is 4 interlocked rings?


  1. If it takes 6 hours to drive across each province in Canada, how many hours would it take you to drive from coast to coast?

60 hours

  1. In what creature can you find a saltwater pearl?


  1. What type of animal is Bagheera in The Jungle Book?

A black panther

  1. In the nursery Rhyme “Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick” what did Jack Jump Over?

A Candle Stick

  1. What does a cobbler make?