$1000 Minute: Wednesday, April 3rd

How did you do this morning?

1. Amy’s giving away charcuterie boards this week on Blast From The Past. Spell charcuterie 


2. What is the name of the lake attached to north of Lake Simcoe?

Lake Couchiching 

3. What is the name of the mother in the Addams family?

Morticia Addams

4. In Alice in Wonderland, what is the queen of hearts known for saying?

Off With Their Heads

5. If I have three dozen lemons and give away 13, how many lemons do I have left? 


6. What are the names of the little yellow monsters in Despicable Me


7. The Barrie Colts just held their first home game of round one of the playoffs, what team were they up against?

Oshawa Generals

8. This Kool FM artist sings “Hello”, “Send My Love, and “Skyfall”


9. Sidney Crosby is the captain of what NHL team?


10. Bow Tie, Fusilli and capellini are types of what?