$1000 Minute Wednesday, August 14th

1)  What vegetable are dill pickles made from? (Cucumbers)             […]

1)  What vegetable are dill pickles made from?







2)  The Video Music Awards are coming up on August 26th. Which cable channel are the VMA’s presented by?







3)  Which galaxy do we live in?
(The Milky Way)








4)  What is the name of Barbie’s boyfriend?








5)  What does the F stand for in FBI?







6)  If your child is 36 months. How many years old are they?







7)  SPELL: Predicament.
(P R E D I C A M E N T)







8)  The Argos face the Eskimos this Friday. What City are the Eskimos from?









9)  What country is the Taj Mahal located in?







10)  TRUE OR FALSE: From left to right, the colours on Ireland’s flag are green, orange, white?
(FALSE – Green, White, Orange)