$1000 Minute, Wednesday December 18th

How did you do this morning?

1)  A painting, drawing, or photograph showing only the face or head and shoulders is known as a what?







2)  Name the Canadian City that is home to the Big Nickel.








3)  SPELL: Continent.
(C O N T I N E N T)







4)  Which “Senorita” singer have we been giving away tickets for all week long?
(Camila Cabello)







5)  What did Cinderella’s fairy godmother make a carriage out of?








6)  Who is the Author of “A Christmas Carol”?
(Charles Dickens)








7)  Christina Aguilera turns 39 today. What year did she celebrate her 30th birthday?








8)  Which team faced the Maple Leafs in Toronto last night?









9)  What is the name given to the table of chemical elements?
(Periodic Table)








10)  What company manufactures KitKat, Aero, Smarties and Coffee Crisp?