Why are you so old?

Every teenager has witnessed something an adult does, and thought “I’m NEVER going to do that when I’m older.”  And maybe they don’t, but a lot of the time, they grow up, and they end up doing it anyway.

There’s a thread online where people are sharing examples.  Like . . .

1.  Birdwatching . . . “I used to think it was the WORST way someone could spend their time, but 20 years later and I’m obsessed with birds.”

2.  Gardening . . . “Growing up, working in the garden was a punishment.”

3.  Giving up on creativity.  One person said that as a kid, they wanted to be an artist, and insisted they’d NEVER get a job working for The Man.  And well . . .

4.  Stop liking new music.  Now, they just listen to music they liked growing up.

5.  Going to bed early . . . voluntarily.

6.  Telling your kid, “Because I said so.”  Another person added, “I thought I’d never say ‘While you live under my roof, you live by my rules.’  And I just said it to my 17-year-old.”

7.  Owning a minivan.

8.  Eating broccoli . . . and actually enjoying it.

9.  Getting a dog . . . and putting clothes on it.  (???)

10.  One person said, “Get married”, after, as a kid, always wanting to live a single life.  Another said, “Be single”, after always planning on being settled down with a partner, a house in the country, and a bunch of kids.  (Both people are HAPPY with the way things turned out, by the way.)

11.  The “get off my lawn” thing . . . “I used to think it was silly that people cared about their lawn so much.  I am now obsessed with manicuring my lawn.”

12.  And one person said they never thought they’d be doing EVERYTHING they’re doing now.  They said, “I grew up Mormon, so, you know.”