It Takes Just 14 Seconds For Someone To Decide If They Like A Christmas Gift!

And about four hours to buy it, LOL!

People can decide in seconds whether a gift they get will be kept, returned or regifted!



Research of 2,000 adults discovered 60 percent have at some point returned – and even regifted – items they have received over the holiday period.



Pyjamas, deodorant and shower gel sets are the most likely to be returned by the receiver.



When it comes to getting a gift you don’t like, about 20% will be honest about it while the majority, seven in 10 will pretend they love it!



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Regardless, even if we don’t love a gift we receive, about 85% are always thankful to the giver!



The study also found that last Christmas, the average person received two gifts they didn’t actually want, and six in 10 even claim to have their regifting pile of presents sorted before Christmas Day is over.



To avoid being caught red-handed regifting, eight in 10 have taken unwanted Christmas presents to the charity shop.



It also emerged that overall, an average of four hours is spent choosing the perfect gift for someone at Christmas.