3 Sets of Twins in Less Than 3 Years

And you think YOUR house is crazy?!

20 year old Danesha Couch from Kansas City, just welcomed her THIRD set of twins into the world!


When she and her fiance Jeffery found out they were going to have a second set of twins over a year ago, Danesha said she was hysterical and in shock, understandably.

But then, less than a year later, she was even more dumbfounded to learn she was pregnant again with ANOTHER set of twins. Her third set!

By the way… the odds of this happening, having three sets of non-identical twins, is just 1 in 88,000!!


The couple now has Dalanie and Darla, who were born just last month, 1-year-olds Delilah and Davina, born May 2015, and 2-year-old Danarius, born April 2014. There was a twin brother from the first set, but unfortunately he died shortly after birth due to complications of prematurity.

Just imagine the laundry!!



(Image Source- WDAF, GoFundMe, FOX 4 NEWS Screenshot)