40 Things That Every 40-Year-Old Should Have Done!

How many things have you checked on this list!

Researchers have identified the top 40 things everyone should do by the age of 40 – getting fired from a job, falling in love – and becoming debt-free top the list. 

A poll of 2,000 adults found they believe someone embarking on their fifth decade should also have given blood and bought a house.

They should also have had four relationships, three heartbreaks and spent some time travelling the world.

Being Over 40 Should Still Be Fun!

The study found people believe it’s acceptable for adults over 40 to have six hangovers per year – one every two months.

While 19 percent believe everyone should have owned a pet by the milestone age, but just 12 percent believe having a one-night stand is a must-do.

A lack of time and money are the two main reasons for not yet hitting all their goals before 40.

Three in 10 respondents believe it’s important to have something to aim for.

While 22 percent think it’s important to show that older people can still do anything a younger person could.

In fact, 64 percent of those already over the age of 40 still feel young.

40 things every 40-year-old ‘should’ have done

  1. Fallen in love
  2. Started your pension
  3. Learned basic DIY skills
  4. Bought a house
  5. Gone travelling
  6. Had at least three months’ salary in savings
  7. Been married
  8. Had a child
  9. Owned a pet
  10. Written a will
  11. Had a hangover that made you want to quit drinking forever
  12. Donated blood
  13. Had your heart broken
  14. Volunteered somewhere
  15. Be in a position to plan for retirement
  16. Won at least £10 on the lottery
  17. Earned a degree
  18. Become debt free
  19. Seen a stage show in the west end
  20. Had a one-night stand
  21. Secured your dream job
  22. Overpaid on the mortgage
  23. Had a fight
  24. Tried being a vegetarian/ vegan for a certain period
  25. Visited at least three of the seven wonders of the world
  26. Attended a black-tie ball
  27. Created a family tree
  28. Gone skinny dipping
  29. Invested in the stock market
  30. Been on a cruise
  31. Lived in a city centre
  32. Reached manager level at your job
  33. Started a business
  34. Moved to the countryside
  35. Visited most of the continents
  36. Flown first class
  37. Been sacked from a job
  38. Bought a holiday home
  39. Been whale watching
  40. Written a book