5 April Fools Pranks For Kids

The jokes start as soon as they wake up ...

April Fools’ Day is the perfect time to pull some pranks on the ones we love and spoil the most … our kids.

This year, Fools’ Day is on a weekend, which means you can plan a whole day of fun and laughter. If need some pranks for your kids that are sure to get a laugh (but aren’t too serious), here’s some April Fools’ Day inspiration to get you started …

1. Slippery Door Handle

The bathroom is the first place your kids are probably going to go once they finally crawl out of bed. To start off their day with a bit of humour, coat the door knob in Vaseline and watch the struggle and failed attempts to turn the bathroom door handle.

Depending on what age your kid is, this could lead to an accident so you might wanna be careful with this one. If you’re afraid that this plan won’t go off without a hitch (and a mess) save it for a less urgent situation, and coat a different door knob.

2. Switching Cereal

When you’re anticipating Corn Pops and a full bowl of Harvest Crunch appears, disappointment will appear instantly on their face.

Before your kids get up, switch the bag from their favourite morning treat with a bag of bran, oatmeal, or another “adult” cereal.

3. Chocolate-Covered Brussels Sprouts

Cake pops are all the rage! Brussell sprout pops … not so much. All you have to do is melt chocolate chip and then dip cooked and cooled Brussell Sprouts in for a sweet chocolatey coating.

To help turn your kids’ frowns upside down once the prank is over, you may want to have some real cake pops or treats hidden out of sight.

4. Mashed Potato Sundae

If chocolate-covered Brussell sprouts aren’t your thing, then maybe you want to give mashed potatoes sundaes a try. All you need to do is prepare thick and creamy mashed potatoes, scoop some into a bowl or cup, and cover it in your family’s favorite sundae toppings.

If you don’t want the potatoes to go to waste, skip the sundae toppings and make a pot of dark brown gravy. From a distance, your kids will think they’re getting dessert, but once it’s in front of them, they’ll realize it’s a delicious pile of gravy and mash.

It’s a win-win situation really …

5. House For Sale

Head to your local hardware store and see if you can find a “For Sale By Owner” sign to put out on the lawn while your kids are distracted.

The jokes continue once you tell your kids, “We’re moving to Timmins!!”

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