The jokes start as soon as they wake up Monday...

Monday April 1st is a time to fool the ones we love and spoil the most, kids. It’s a School day so let’s get right to the fun soon as they wake up…

  • Slippery door handle

The first place they’re going is to the bathroom once the finally crawl out of bed. Sit back and watch the struggle and failed attempts to turn the bathroom door handle. Depending on what age your kid is, this could actually lead to an accident. Might wanna be careful with that one.

  • Switching Cereal

When you’re anticipating Corn Pops and a full bowl of Harvest Crunch appears, the disappointment will appear instantly on their face.

  • Chocolate-Covered Brussels Sprouts

Times for a school lunch snack. Too bad you won’t see the look on their face when they bite into this one.

  • House For Sale

The jokes continue once the kids comes off the bus and you announce, “we’re moving to Timmins!!”

  • Mashed Potato Sundae