5 Habits That Are Ruining Your Sleep!

Are you tired all the time? This may be why!

Dr. Karan Rajan, a surgeon with the UK’s National Health Service — and who boasts millions of followers on social media — is sharing a list of the top five things that are ruining your sleep.

Again, if you can. It’s recommended that you get at least seven hours of sleep, as it’s extremely important for overall health.

A lack of ample sleep can increase your risk for certain diseases and disorders by weakening the immune system as well as brain function, according to The National Institutes of Health, not to mention exacerbating mental illness and mood disorders.

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Here are five common habits that are ruining your Sleep!

  1. You’re chowing down before bed!
    Eating a large amount of food before bed can ruin your sleep, increasing your chances of indigestion in the middle of the night. “It takes 90 minutes for 50% of your stomach to empty into the small intestines, so the more full your stomach is, the higher chance of acid reflux,” he said.  Wait two to three hours to go to bed after you eat a large meal.

2. You’re chugging water before bed!
You should rethink that bottle of water on your nightstand. The body increases the production of the hormone ADH during sleep, which “retains water and suppresses your need to pee.

3. Your bed is too warm
It’s important to keep cool if you want that good night’s sleep. 

4. You’re drinking too much!
The doctor and most of them, advise against having an alcoholic nightcap before bed as it can affect the type of sleep you’re having! Booze messes up your REM.  REM is the stage in the sleep cycle where you have dreams, per The Cleveland Clinic. Booze often makes us “pass out” fast, then causes us to linger for longer in the first stage of REM — thus throwing your sleep cycle out of whack, and causing you to wake at odd times of the night.

5. You’re consuming caffeine too late!
Avoid caffeine for several hours before bed!  caffeine can block a neurotransmitter called adenosine, which is the molecule that makes you feel tired. “Caffeine doesn’t make you more alert, it just makes you feel less sleepy because it prevents the accumulation of the sleep molecule.