Why Falling Asleep 90 Minutes Before Your Partner Can Save Your Marriage

Does your partner keep you up at night?

Some couples have found they benefit from sleeping in different beds — but leaving some time between hitting the hay could be the key to a healthier relationship.

Research conducted in the UK found that over 50% of the week, the people surveyed reported they had a disturbed or broken bad night’s sleep.

The experts surveyed over 15,000 people, finding over a quarter of participants (27%) admitted they sleep better when they are sleeping solo, and 8% have even considered getting separate beds so they can get a better night’s sleep.

A whopping 55% revealed that their partner snoring is the most annoying thing about sharing a bed.

It’s pretty much common knowledge that lack of sleep and the stress that comes from it has a serious impact on couples and their home life.


If you do find yourself at odds with your partner sleeping together at night — or lack thereof — there is a solution: going to bed approximately 90 minutes before or after your partner.

According to a sleep expert, 90 minutes is the “optimal time” between jumping into bed with your significant other, as it allows one person to get to a deep sleep stage before the other person even gets into bed.

This way, you still reap the benefits of the intimacy of sharing a bed with your partner, without the frustration of struggling to get to sleep next to them…

And if this doesn’t work for you, there is always a ‘sleep divorce.’