63% Of Adults Will NOT Do This On A First Date!

Roses are red, violets are blue, we’re terrified to poo

A whopping 63% of adults say that going number two in the presence of others — particularly a loved one — is a major doo-not-doo, a new survey revealed.

Essentially, people have “Poop-xiety”!  The fitness app that helps people with nutrition habits surveyed 4,000 people, ranging from ages 18-59, about their bathroom habits around a boo.

The survey found that a lot of people have really anxiety about their next toilet encounter and who will be around when the time comes…

For example, 56% of adults said they’d only answer the call of nature around other people if it became an emergency — otherwise, they’ll just wait until later.

And 63% of us won’t even think about skipping to the loo if a date or significant other is in the vicinity.

To ensure that a trip to the necessary room doesn’t spoil our special evening, 46% of adults said they would avoid eating dairy products while on a date, while 48% said they’d skip the spicy foods to keep tummies from potentially rumbling.  

The survey was conducted earlier this year across the U.S., Canada, UK, and Australia.