67% Of Brits Would Rather Die Early Than Give Up Meat


Our friends in the UK are willing to shorten their lives between five to 10 years, rather than give up meat!


The survey of 2,000 people, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of No Meat May, also found that more than half of British men and women associate a diet that contains a lot of meat with being masculine, while vegetarian and vegan diets are seen as more feminine.

One in 20 would go to jail before they would give up meat. 27% of men would rather give up coffee and 19% would give up booze.


Here’s something interesting, 18% said that they would stop eating meat if it improved their sexual performance and 35% said they would give it up if it improved their health.


For women, they are a little more concerned about their health.  38% said they would stop eating meat if it improved their health, 36% if it reduced their chance of developing certain cancers, and 33% if they lost a stone or more in weight.


Interestingly, women are less likely than men to date someone who is vegan – 39% of women say they would prefer not to date someone who is vegan, compared to 37% of men.