7 Aphrodisiac Scents To Boost Your Sex Life

Here are the seven sinful scents…

There’s a fragrance expert at Lush who claims that it’s as simple as taking a whiff, revealing the seven arousing scents that can set the mood…

Ylang ylang

The floral scent known as ylang-ylang is known to help with relaxation and sexual desire. In Indonesia, newlywed couples can often find their beds decorated in ylang-ylang petals to encourage sexual pleasure.


Although vanilla is typically associated with being bland, the scent of warm vanilla in a bedroom makes things far from boring but very spicy instead. The lingering smell of vanilla is a foreplay for what’s to come next.


Sandalwood is a much sought-after fragrance material, forming a beautiful base to many fragrances, due to its ability to shift and change depending on the materials it’s paired with…“It can be woody, balsamic, warm, sweet or floral – either way, it will help you stand out.”


Spearmint can make you smell minty, fresh and clean, which is an easy turn-on for lovers.

“This may seem like an unlikely one, but spearmint could definitely be considered a modern, if unexpected, aphrodisiac! It’s all about smelling fresh, clean and good to go.”

The scent signifies to your partner that even though you smell clean you’re ready to get down and dirty.


Strawberries often correlate with a romantic occasion, particularly when exchanging a juicy bite from a chocolate-covered strawberry.  A strawberry] often representing Venus, the goddess of love, strawberries are juicy, fresh and entirely romantic…Another way to incorporate strawberries into your sex life is by using the scent in your bedroom, whether it’s as a home fragrance or candle melt.


Violets are often linked to the month of February, making them a perfect match-up on Valentine’s Day with a fresh, green profile that can make a nice contrast to typical, blousy, flowery fragrances…


Nothing is more romantic than chocolate, so why not include the smell in your moment of passion? Synonymous with Valentine’s Day, chocolate can feel luxurious, rich, decadent and warm. A faint aroma of warm chocolate on the skin is extremely inviting, drawing your loved one in…