7 Simple Steps to Improve Your Day

Practising each of these every morning will put you in the perfect mindset for a great day!

Make Your Bed

Let this be the first thing you do each morning. You’ll be less inclined to get back into bed once you make it.

Drink a Glass of Water

Your body is dehydrated when you first get up. Wake it up with a boost of H2O.


Sit silently with your eyes closed for one minute each morning and focus on your breathing. Try sitting with one hand on your heart, feeling it beating, and the other hand on your stomach, feeling it expand and collapse with each breath.


5 minutes of straight journaling a day. Get all your thoughts down on paper. Don’t worry about legibility, grammar or spelling. Just write your thoughts, keeping in mind to NOT write about anything negative or any To-Do lists.

Tell Yourself 3 Things You Are Grateful For

Could be as simple as your health, the roof over your head or for the loved ones in your life. Or as specific as a person in your life, a moment that happened yesterday, or a promotion at work.


Get active! Whether it’s a full on hour workout routine, a 10 minute Yoga practise or even just a brisk walk around the block.


Read a chapter or even just a page of the book you’re into right now.