8 Scenic Trails In Ontario You’d Be A Fool Not To Explore

Whatever You Do, Don't Miss Out On These!

Ontario has 100s of hiking and biking trails to explore. That means there are lots of great options to choose from … whether you’re looking for an adventure close to home or want to head farther out.

To get you started, here are 8 scenic trails in Ontario that you won’t want to miss out on this season.  

1. McCrae Lake Conservation Trail

McCrae Lake Conservation Trail is a true hidden gem. You won’t find much about it with a Google search … maybe because those that know about it want to keep it for themselves.

The 2.8 km trail winds its way around McCrae Lake. The views from Eagle’s Nest lookout and Crow’s Cliff are truly spectacular.

2. Lookout Point Trail

A 3.5 km loop in the heart of Killbear Provincial Park, this trail winds through a forest and rock. The payoff is the unreal view of Georgian Bay at the midway point.

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3. Mono Cliffs

Just outside of Orangeville, on the Bruce Trail, Mono Cliffs Provincial Park has a trail for every level of ability.

Best of all, you’re guaranteed incredible scenery, whether you choose to tackle the almost 5 km Walter Tovell Trail or opt for a more relaxed stroll on the Link Trail.

4. As High As You Can Go

Just outside of Collingwood, you can find the highest point on the Bruce Trail. “As High As You Can Go” is 540 metres above sea level, and the view is well worth the hike to get there.

5. Centennial Ridges Trail

Centennial Ridges Trail in Algonquin Park is for the more seasoned hiker. It’s a challenging 10.5 km loop that circles along two separate ridges and visits 5 different cliffs. It’s very demanding, but worth it!

6. White Bear Forest Old Growth Trail

It’s a journey to get to Finlayson Point Provincial Park in Temagami, but once you’re there you won’t be disappointed.

This is an interconnected series of trails, venturing through the old growth red and white pine forest. You’ll find a fire tower and viewing platform to extend your views of the park.

7. Cup & Saucer Trail

You have two options to choose from on the Cup & Saucer Trail on Manitoulin Island.

Depending on whether you choose the White or Blue trail, the hike can take either 20 minutes or over 4 hours. Regardless of the choice you make, the reward is amazing views of the Island’s well known cliffs.

8. Dossyonshing Trail

This easy going trail is perfect for a day trip. Located on Beausoleil Island, in Georgian Bay Islands National Park, it’s accessible only by boat. 

If you don’t have your own boat or kayak, you can take the DayTripper or a water taxi. The DayTripper launch point is at 2611 Honey Harbour Road, Honey Harbour.