80% of Canadians Think Our Thanksgiving Is Better Than American Thanksgiving

The American Thanksgiving is too much of a spectical!

A recent survey by Angus Reid on behalf of Think Turkey reveals What Canadians Love Most About Canadian Thanksgiving and How They Plan to Celebrate   

While American Thanksgiving gets a ton of attention and fanfare, Canadian Thanksgiving is just as iconic.

Canadians say they believe our version of Thanksgiving is a smaller, simpler celebration focused on loved ones, a good turkey dinner and the splendour of the fall season. 

21 percent of respondents gave a shout-out to the American holiday, particularly due to Black Friday and football, but most felt it landed too close to Christmas and that it was too deep into the fall when the weather starts to feel a bit too wintery. 

84 percent of female respondents said they prefer Canadian Thanksgiving to the American celebration, compared to 75 percent of male respondents. 


Spending time with family and friends and the delicious turkey with all the fixings….

Canadians Are in the Mood to Celebrate  

  • 79 percent of Canadians surveyed said they plan to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. 
  • When celebrating Thanksgiving, 40 percent of respondents said they do so with their household plus their extended family. An additional 21 percent say, “the more the merrier”, including their friends in their celebrations with extended family. 
  • Across the country, over a third of respondents include their friends in their Thanksgiving celebrations, while 21 percent opt for a smaller celebration with just those in their immediate household. 
  • Just over half of Canadians surveyed said they will attend or host celebrations that are five to nine people in size, but smaller celebrations with two to four and larger celebrations of ten to twenty were also popular with nearly a quarter of respondents respectively. 


  • Where size is concerned, Canadians report a preference for a mid-sized turkey at their celebrations with 40 percent of those surveyed stating they go for a 10-14-pound turkey.
  • Small birds around 6-9 pounds were the most common size in Quebec (52%) based on smaller celebration sizes.  
  • Ontario and British Columbia boast the biggest birds, with a quarter choosing one around 15-19 pounds and over 10 percent choosing one over 20 pounds.