A “Chandler Bing” Outfit Is On Sale For $8.4K

Could this be any cooler?

A dark wool shirt jacket and a pair of jeans the late Matthew Perry wore on “Friends” is selling for $8,400 on eBay.

“Yes, this is the actual ensemble worn by the late Matthew Perry as Chandler in the classic TV show,” reads the Aug. 29 listing, which was updated the day after Perry died.

Chandler Bing donned the ensemble in the Season 1 episode “The One With the Candy Hearts” as he tried to break up with his on-again, off-again girlfriend Janice.

“The shirt jacket is a one-off piece custom made (no tags or size inside) for Matthew Perry to wear for the specific episode, hence the sketch print, meaning it’s an original design by the TV show’s Costume Designer for Friends,” the seller wrote.

“Ensemble and costume sketch are both in very good condition considering this was worn in 1994,” the description continues.

Matthew Perry died on October 28th at his home of what appears to be an accidental drowning…