A Coat Made Out Of Barf Bags!

Just to be clear- the bags are unused!

People might not be using barf bags as regularly any more thanks to the rise of anti-nausea meds — but that doesn’t mean they’re out of fashion: Dramamine, the brand for motion sickness relief, has decided to fill barf bags with a new purpose, creating the first-ever barf bag puffer jacket, designed by artist Jessie Bearden.

The one-of-its-kind puffer jacket is made of vintage barf bags from airlines around the world, and someone will get to rock it for a surprisingly cheap price.

The Last Barf Bag” campaign is a tribute to the 75th anniversary of Dramamine and the barf bag since 1949 was a “big year for barf.”

Just one lucky consumer will be able to purchase the coat when the ultra-limited drop opens up to the general public on April 17 at noon EST – for just $7.50.

In addition to a barf bag puffer, Dramamine released a whole line of upcycled upchuck bags that have been repurposed into practical products.

The line includes barf bags reimagined into puppets, envelopes, gift bags, colouring paging, coolers, vases, chef’s hats, gloves, stockings and popcorn bags.

Each repurposed bag will be available for purchase for $5, and bundles that include both a barf bag and a Dramamine product will be $10, while supplies last.