Mexican-style sandwiches?

We might have the answer to a question you never asked:  Are tacos sandwiches?  A judge in Indiana just ruled on it this week.

A man named Martin Quintana has been trying to open a taco place in a strip mall in Fort Wayne.  But he ran into some red tape thanks to a contract that limits the type of restaurants allowed.

It says you can only open a place that sells “made-to-order or subway style sandwiches.”  So he sued, claiming tacos and burritos ARE sandwiches.  (The contract was designed to prevent big fast-food chains from moving in.)

His case has been making its way through the legal system, and a superior court judge just ruled on Monday, that YES, they’re sandwiches.

There could still be an appeal, and the next judge might disagree.  But he ruled that tacos and burritos are basically just “Mexican-style sandwiches.”