A Mom’s Daily Food Timeline

Hot food? What's that!

Eating food as a mom is a rare treat, pun intended! Between feeding the kids all the time (it seems) the dog and your spouse, by the time you have a minute to put something in your mouth, you’re over it!

Moms are in survival mode 24/7, only eating to stay upright, it’s no wonder we live off of soggy leftover waffles, random snacks left around the house and a lot of coffee that’s not always hot.

Below is my ‘daily food timeline’

6 am- coffee
8 am-warm up the coffee you made at 6 am
9 am-muffin to avoid gut rot and falling over
11 am- Coffee and water (cause now you’re thirsty)
Noon- Leftover sandwich crusts kids don’t eat and half a carrot
2 pm-random cookie left on the counter
3 pm-Coffee
4:45 pm- seltzer 
5 pm-wine
6 pm-dinner? F-it, I’m too tired from feeding everyone else. 
9 pm-sneak a bowl of ice cream