A New Condiment, Mayochup!

What's the secret sauce?

What do you call it when you combine Mayo and Ketchup- MayoChup- and its a thing!

Mayonnaise and Ketchup are two of the best condiments known to man.  When it comes to these two staples of the modern man’s diet, and one brand is doing it up right, and that’s Heinz.

The brand is confusing the internet with a hybrid of the two sauces, that they are calling ‘Mayochup’. Clever.

Currently, you can buy the sauces online in the Middle East, from The Sultan Centre and Margin Fresh, for around $3-$4 (plus a whole load of shipping charges, obvs).

No word yet on whether Heinz U.S./Canada plans to bring Mayochup to our fine shelves. We’ll just have to stick with mixing it ourselves for the time being, then.  Most American already knows this mix as fry sauce!  Or the secret sauce!

“What’s the secret sauce at Bronco Burger?” “Ketchup and mayonnaise.” (Fast Times at Ridgemont High)