A Park Bench In Caledon Paying Tribute To Someone Who Died Is Causing Confusion


This seemed like it would be the perfect case for Encyclopedia Brown.  Do you know how there are those park benches with plaques that pay tribute to someone with a little inscription?

Well, someone in the Canadian town of Caledon found one that was honouring someone who HASN’T DIED YET.  It said, “Cathy in the forest.  Your smile said it all.  September 7th, 1954 to December 6th, 2022.”

They posted a photo online, and there was some debate about what it meant, but it turns out there was a simple explanation:  It was probably just a typo.

Someone found an obituary for Cathy with those dates, except she passed away in December of LAST year, so someone probably just put 2022 by accident.  

(Now that the mystery is solved, let’s take a moment to toast to Cathy.)