A Pole Dancing Skeleton Halloween Display Has Caused A Stir In Utah

Too Much?

Halloween in Grantsville, Utah, has taken a twist this year with a pole-dancing skeleton causing quite a stir. What started as a risqué Halloween decoration has turned into a community rally, proving that not even skeletons can be kept down.

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Earlier this week, Grantsville City officials posted on the town’s Facebook page, pointing fingers at a particularly daring Halloween display.

The since-deleted photo captured a skeleton sporting a purple wig, spinning gracefully around a street sign, while two other skeletons watched from lawn chairs—one with its jaw dropped in faux shock.

The photo, which has since been deleted, shows a skeleton with a purple wig twirling upside down around a street sign as two other skeleton figures watch from lawn chairs — one with its mouth wide open in fake shock. 

However, when the city demanded the decoration’s removal, the display’s mastermind, Christopher Fujishin, wasn’t ready to bury his creation. Instead, he relocated the skeleton spectacle to his front yard, turning it into an even bigger event. Talk about resilience!

With the display now on Fujishin’s lawn, it’s grown to include more skeletons, lights, and even music. Neighbors are jumping in to help too, donating decorations and adding a tip jar for the pole-dancing skeleton. Yes, you read that right—a tip jar. Now fans can show their appreciation for the skeleton’s moves with cold, hard cash.

Fujishin’s playful defiance and the community’s support have turned a simple Halloween decoration into a local legend. This tale of a pole-dancing skeleton isn’t just about Halloween fun; it’s about a town coming together to support creativity and a bit of harmless mischief.

So, next time you’re in Grantsville, be sure to swing by Fujishin’s yard. You might just find yourself leaving a dollar or two for the town’s most famous bony dancer.

Happy Halloween, and remember: sometimes the spookiest decorations are the ones that bring a community together!