A Pole Dancing Skeleton Halloween Display Has Caused A Stir In Grantsville City, Utah

Too Much?

Some residents of a Utah town are rallying around a pole-dancing skeleton after the city said the risqué Halloween decoration had to be taken down. 

Grantsville City, Utah, officials posted a picture on the town’s Facebook page earlier this week of a neighbourhood Halloween decoration it wanted removed.

The photo, which has since been deleted, shows a skeleton with a purple wig twirling upside down around a street sign as two other skeleton figures watch from lawn chairs — one with its mouth wide open in fake shock. 

The mastermind behind the display, Christopher Fujishin, did comply with the city’s order, moving the Halloween scene into his front yard instead. 

Now he’s expanded it to add lights, additional skeletons, and even music…

Fujishin’s neighbours are even donating decorations to make the display in his yard bigger, including adding a tip jar for the pole dancer where fans can leave dollars…