A Quarter of Us Would Take On Part-Time Jobs For Live Event Tickets

It's totally worth it!

According to a new poll, Live events are becoming increasingly important, with 64% of working adults wanting to attend more live events in the next year…

The survey found that people try and attend about 14 live events each year on average.  

Despite rising costs, in-person experiences continue to be sought after, with people spending an average of $802 on live events over the last year.

Sporting Events Appear To Be The Most Sought After! On average, people attended over 6 sporting events, about 4 music events, and 3.5 live theatre events all last year…

And sports fans are spending more, too. During the last year, adults spent on average:

  • $693 for sporting event tickets
  • $480 for live music event tickets
  • $334 for live theatre event tickets
  • $146 for other live event tickets

Boomers spend the most on sporting events, while Gen X is about Live Music Events…