A Woman Won The Lottery And Doesn’t Want to Share It With Her Husband!

Should she share her prize?

A woman has taken to the internet to admit that she doesn’t want to share her recent lottery winnings with her husband.

She went to a popular chat forum called, Am I The A-Hole and explained that she’d rather spend the prize on solo travel.

However, her husband believes she should put the money into the couple’s joint savings.

The woman didn’t disclose how much she won but did say it was semi-life-changing money.

Immediately, the woman knew that she wanted to use the money to go travelling on an overseas holiday. 

The husband had other ideas…He insisted that she should add the money to the couple’s joint savings account so that they could continue saving for things like a house and a car.

The woman says that’s not fair as she’s the one who bought the ticket and scratched it.

In the end, the woman kept the winnings for herself but is still wondering if that was the right decision.