According to a Doc on TikTok, These Are The Five Body Parts We’re Not Washing Enough!

or at all!

There’s a doctor who has taken to TikTok to inform her followers that we’re not washing certain body parts that need to be!

Dr. Jen Caudle, who has racked up nearly 90,000 loyal followers and more than 1.3 million likes on the platform, recently posted a video sharing the Top 5 areas people don’t wash enough — starting with the belly button. 

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The doc points out, that guys in particular are terrible at washing their belly botton!

She then gives her followers an earful on the next body part they don’t wash nearly enough — their ears.

The doc explains that we need to watch the top of the ear, behind the ear and also the lobe.

Your fingernails, your legs and your toes also need to be washed says the doctor. 

The doctor explains when it comes to your legs, don’t let the soap just run down in the shower, you need to scrub!

The doc also explains about the importance of cleaning our toes…“Get in between those toes,” she urges. “You want to make sure you’re preventing infections of many sorts. Make sure you’re deliberately washing your toes!”

The doctor’s instagram is filled with lots of informative videos including the importance of washing your bottom.