adidas Releases More Terry Fox Commemorative Items

Commemorating the 40th anniversary of Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope

adidas is commemorating the 40th anniversary of Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope by releasing limited edition items, with the proceeds going to the Terry Fox Foundation. adidas’ goal is to raise a million dollars through these special edition items.

On Saturday, July 11th at 10am, you’ll be able to more commemorative items: the Terry Fox Ringer t-shirt (which was previously sold with the blue commemorative shoes) and a Terry Fox Quote t-shirt.  Buy them at

Image: Adidas


In May, the company released a pair of shoes replicating the ones Terry Fox wore on his journey.  The shoes sold out in minutes. Terry Fox’s brother wasn’t even able to get a pair!

Image: Adidas



adidas became involved with the Marathon of Hope when, in 1979, Terry Fox wrote the company asking if they would sponsor his footwear. He wrote:

I need your help, your sponsorship, to help provide the means to sustain myself and two others that have consented to put aside those 5 months to be my companions and aides. We will be needing transportation to Newfoundland, a camper-type vehicle to meet us there, and money for food, gas, and other necessities. My three years in university have quite aptly drained me financially, and just the thought that I will require about 26 pairs of running shoes for myself and running companion makes my now dwindling account crawl even deeper into it’s hole. […]
We need your help. The people in caner clinics all over the world need people who believe in miracles. I’m not a dreamer, and I’m not saying that this will initiate the definitive answer or cure to cancer, but I believe in miracles. I have to.

The commemorative shoes were released with a copy of the full letter written by  21 year old Terry.


The Terry Fox Run this year will be virtual in Barrie. Find more details HERE. The goal for the Barrie run is $175 000