Adults Have Been Buying Emotional Support Dolls!

Buy a Barie!

There’s been a trend of adults buying emotional support dolls since the release of “Barbie”. It’s to fulfill their inner child or to gift it to someone who missed out on having one when they were young.

While this may sound silly or childish, playing with dolls as an adult may be good for our mental health…

Some mental health experts have come to regard the blockbuster movie as more than just an impressive marketing scheme to sell more dolls: The “Barbie” movie’s ability to inspire adult “play” may indeed be emotionally beneficial.

There is actual scientific evidence that proves that play is beneficial for adults as well, especially in the mental health realm. Some research suggests it has helped with depression and building a sense of optimism.  

Previous studies have shown that nostalgia is good for you and can have benefits for mental health.

If anyone wants to buy me a present, I’d like Peaches and Cream Barbie or Magic Moves Barbie, please…