Expert Reveals The Best Way To Improve Mental Health!

And it includes Ping Pong!

An expert has revealed the best way to get a mental health boost in 2023 – playing ping pong.

The subject of mental health continues to be high on social media and the news agenda, and a doctor is now sharing ways to boost well-being and reduce anxiety!

She said: “Everyday life – the news, relationships, jobs, or a big life change can all take its toll on our mental well-being. “That’s why it’s so important to make sure we all take time in our day to do something that benefits our mood.

The research shows that connecting with friends through sports and games, especially those that encourage friendly competition and focus, such as a game of ping pong, can have a very positive impact on our mental health.

A recent study shows that over half of people find sports a stress relief with 62 percent saying competing with friends can help them blow off steam.

Sadly, over half of people aren’t spending as much time in social groups as they would like, knowing that it will improve mood and well-being.

Just over 62 percent also feel activities such as ping pong, axe throwing or mini golf make a night out more fun and engaging than simply going out to eat or drink.

Some of the key reasons adults aren’t spending as much time together as they’d like include being too busy, friends living too far away, or it is too hard to get schedules to match up.

Respondents feel lonely, disappointed and sad when they aren’t able to spend as much time with friends as they’d like. But more than half feel good and a sense of belonging when they do.

And it emerged 66 percent of those aged 18-34 talk about their mental health more so now compared to five years ago.

Sports are a great way to boost well-being as more than half said they are good at focussing and concentrating when it comes to physical activity or a game.

Those who struggle to focus do because they’re easily bored, they’ve got a lot on their mind and they’re too tired.