Adults Have Been Escaping To The Bathroom During Lockdown, As It’s Become Their At-Home Sanctuary

It's becoming our at-home sanctuary for some peace and quiet

A new study finds that our bathroom has had a positive impact on our overall mood.  Many have admitted that they’ve been spending longer in there than ever before.



For most, the bathroom has become a place of calmness, while almost 40 percent said it helps them unwind after a hard day.



The study also found the average adult now sets aside 22 minutes for their leisurely daily wash, which equates to almost six days a year.

It also emerged 28 percent have been able to pamper themselves more in the bathroom since the beginning of the first lockdown.



The research, also found that the extra time spent in the room means 90 percent have given it some ‘DIY TLC’ over the last 12 months.



Upgrades include a fresh lick of paint, new tiles, a new mirror.


More than three in 10 have also bought fancy new accessories – including toothbrush holders, towels, and soap dispensers – and a quarter even installed a new shower.