Adults Spend Five Years And Five Months Of Our Lives Doing This

Admin work!

According to new a survey, the average adult will spend a total of five years and five months of their lives doing admin work.


When you break it down, the average person typically spends 21 hours and 36 minutes a week doing admin in their jobs.


On top of this, a further eight hours and 48 minutes are taken up with it in their personal lives.


And 82 percent said mounting work admin leaves them little time to take care of personal admin tasks like paying bills, taking the car to the shop, or sorting out a will.


The study found 36 percent are ‘overwhelmed by the amount of admin they have to do.  Almost half of the people surveyed say they just can’t keep on top of it!



The study also found a quarter (24 percent) of those polled feel they are currently ‘trapped’ in ‘admin hell’ as a result of all the things they haven’t managed to get round to.



1. Filing away/clearing out emails

2. Filing away documents

3. Anything involving spreadsheets

4. Logging data

5. Reporting

6. Updating databases and documents

7. Financial administration

8. Completing tax returns

9. Tidying up your computer’s desktop

10. Completing performance review forms





1. Cleaning

2. Sorting out insurance renewals

3. Ringing up utility companies to renegotiate a better price (e.g. broadband, premium TV services)

4. Household DIY/maintenance

5. Paying bills e.g. utility bills

6. Managing your finances

7. Tax returns

8. Returning internet orders

9. Booking doctor/dentist appointments

10. Getting home improvement quotes