Alec Baldwin Could Soon Be Charged Over Fatal Shooting On The Set of His Rust Film

Is her responsible for the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of his Rust film?

After Baldwin was forced to turn over his phone into evidence, prosecutors may have what they need to charge the 64-year-old actor.

On Monday it was reported that the prosecution was ready to file charges against four people after sending a letter requesting founding to prosecute the case.

Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies in the case says “certainly looking  at all the homicide statutes and any gun statutes under New Mexico criminal code.”

Her letter is said to read: “One of the possible defendants is well-known movie actor Alec Baldwin.”

The district attorney is said to have asked for $635,000 to prosecute the case, saying she needed the money to go up against well-funded attorneys.

Alec has lost five jobs since the Rust shooting and has just had his seventh child with his wife Hilaria. 

Alec has said if and when he does return to a movie or TV set, he will refuse to work with real guns and wants to leave the creation of realistic pistols to digital effects.