Almost 40% Say That There’s Garage is So Cluttered, There’s No Room For Their Car!

All the stuff that has no place, goes in the garage!

3 in 5 people reveal that their garage is the most cluttered part of their house.

More than half of the adults (53%) surveyed use their garage or at-home workshop for DIY projects.

90% of those surveyed believe that a well-organized garage can make a small garage appear larger, yet more than half (52%) of the people with garages are unsatisfied with how their garage is organized.

Items most commonly stored in a garage:

Power tools/hand tools
The outdoor equipment (lawn mower/snow blower)
Supplies for around the house- salt, rakes ect.
sports equipment 

Regarding specific tasks, the most common activities in the garage were automotive maintenance and home renovation projects, woodworking, leisure activities like socializing and hosting parties, and furniture restoration or redesign.