Almost 50% of Adults Have Had An Alcoholic Beverage Before A Major Event

Liquid courage!

A new poll has found that a lot of people have a boozy beverage before an event or social event to increase confidence.

Such situations have included a family gathering, the first social outing with new colleagues and catching a flight.

More than one in 20 (seven percent) have even had a ‘shot’ of courage before a job interview, while 10 percent have done so before a video call.

Among the top situations in which people drink to feel their best are on nights out, a holiday and someone else’s wedding day.

The poll found a sixth (17 percent) admitted they feel the best version of themselves when drinking alcohol.

But 36 percent wish they could feel this way without having to rely on a drink and 46 percent struggle with confidence in social situations if they’re not drinking.

Top 25 Situations in which People Have had An Alcoholic Drink

  1. A night out
  2. A holiday
  3. A family gathering
  4. Someone else’s wedding day
  5. First date
  6. My wedding day
  7. A concert
  8. First Christmas party with a new job
  9. A funeral
  10. Another date (not first)
  11. When meeting new friends
  12. Watching a sports game
  13. First social occasion with new colleagues
  14. A hen do
  15. When meeting my partner’s friends
  16. Catching a flight
  17. A stag do
  18. When a ‘fresher’ at university
  19. Doing karaoke
  20. Meeting my partner’s family for the first time
  21. Making an announcement e.g. I’m engaged
  22. Getting results/news e.g. exam results
  23. A video call
  24. Sharing something on social media
  25. Playing a sports game e.g. playing football