Almost Half Of Adults ‘Secretly Cringe’ At Something Their Partner Does During Sex

Oh My!

45% of adults say that talking about sex with their partner is too awkward and it’s impacting their intimacy.


42% confess there is a specific thing that their other half does in the bedroom which they find a ‘complete turn-off’, with one in ten saying this happens every time they get in between the sheets. And no one talks about these ‘cringe’ moments.


The biggest unspoken turn-offs include:

The sexual technique (35%)

Attempts to talk dirty (31%) It’s worth noting that 9% of people want their partner to talk dirty

Finishing too quickly (23%)

And finding their partner selfish (23%)



People admit that the reason there isn’t a conversation about wants and desires is that people feel embarrassed and self-conscious.


According to the research, 18% of people are completely unsatisfied with their sex life. Almost half of those who enjoy the passion with their partner admit that it could be better!