Friday Nights Spent At Home Alone, May Cause Brain Damage

A Night of Netflix and Chill by Yourself isn't always a good thing!

We are all guilty of daily habits that can slowly harm our brains.  And we should be taking better care of this most important organ.



It may be surprising to hear that things you do often are linked with diseases like dementia. In order to keep your brain functioning at its optimal level, there are things that you can do!



It’s fun to have a Friday night watching a movie alone, just don’t make a habit of it.    Because feeling lonely or isolated from the rest of the world,  can harm your health over time. Feeling lonely has long been linked with cognitive decline and the development of Alzheimer’s.







Have A Sense of Purpose…

Studies have shown that older adults with hobbies or who try and engage in social activities may age slower.



Try to get the right amount of sleep


Loneliness and a lack of sleep are linked with both dementia in later life and undoubtedly cause problems functioning throughout the day.




A regular workout isn’t just for the sake of your body, but the brain. One study at the University of British Columbia found that regular aerobic exercise boosts the size of the hippocampus — a brain region involved in verbal memory and learning.


Watch Your Diet!

Similarly, keeping your diet healthy and weight managed can indirectly help the brain by banishing diseases like high blood pressure. The brain – which controls the whole body — gets its fuel from the food you put in your mouth.



Don’t listen to loud Music

Your favourite song comes on and you blast it! But repeatedly, this can cause damage to your eardrums, particularly if you listen through earphones. If this wasn’t bad enough, loss of hearing is linked with dementia, according to research such as that by Johns Hopkins Medicine.