Always Late? Here Are Tips That Might Help You Arrive on Time!

Don't be late!

One in four people says they would rather spend more time in bed than be on time for work, as found in a survey out of the UK.

It appears that chronic lateness is understandable in today’s society!

Many are juggling to meet the growing demands of work, and childcare, whilst trying to squeeze in social life, hobbies, studying, extra-curricular activities and of course, some sleep.

No wonder that over a third of office workers are late for work.

This can create a lot of anxiety when we are running late – and this type of conditioning can be very hard to break.

Tips to avoid being late

  • Under schedule and become a pessimist: Rather than trying to cram as much as you can into your schedule, give yourself plenty of breathing space between meetings and activities and give yourself a buffer to account for mishaps, such as traffic, unexpected road works or public transport delays. Expect the worst to happen, especially if it’s a really important meeting or an unmissable appointment.
  • Accept ‘good enough’ and slightly lower performance standards: Trying to perfectly complete things can be a recipe for lateness, as can ‘just one more thing’. Accept the outcome of your timing and endeavours and stop trying to be perfect.
  • Learn to say ‘no’ more: Setting boundaries is key to maintaining punctuality. Practice using phrases like, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t because I have an important appointment I need to make’. Using ‘because’ can be a useful and powerful way to justify your ‘no’.