Amanda Bynes ‘was placed on psychiatric hold after being found roaming the streets naked

It's a sad reality for many child actors

Amanda Bynes has been placed on a psychiatric hold after she was found ‘roaming the streets naked and alone’, reports TMZ.

Bynes, 36, who cancelled a public appearance on Saturday, was seen walking near downtown Los Angeles early on Sunday morning without any clothes on.

She is said to have waved a car down, telling a driver she was ‘coming down from a psychotic episode’ before she called 911. 

Bynes was taken to a police station where a mental health team placed her on a 5150 psychiatric hold.

A 5150 is a legal action from the CA Welfare and Institutions Code. It allows a qualified officer or clinician to confine someone against their will for 72 hours which can be extended. During this time, the person will be fully assessed for their mental health status. 

Bynes is currently hospitalized and will likely receive care for several days. She is not believed to have been hurt during the incident.