I smell a franchise!

There are all kinds of sports bars out there, but tomorrow, a very unique one is opening in Portland, Oregon.  It’ll exclusively feature women’s sports, and it has a FANTASTIC name:  The Sports Bra.


The owner is a chef named Jenny Nguyen, and she says she was inspired because 40% of all athletes are women, but 96% of the athletes on TV are men.

She believes this is the first sports bar to exclusively feature women’s sports, both on TV and in the décor.  They’re also working with female partners to get local food, as well as an all-women-operated distillery to get spirits for cocktails.

The timing is perfect:  The NCAA Final Four women’s matchups are being held tomorrow night, Louisville versus South Carolina and UConn facing off against Stanford.


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The place already has some hype.  A Kickstarter raised over $100,000, twice what they were asking for.  And during the campaign, Jenny made it clear:  This is not a sports bar for women, but a bar for women’s sports.  They’re welcoming EVERYONE, and the place is even kid-friendly, for better or worse.