‘Annoying’ People Say These Things!

According to a Reddit users!

Let’s get right to it. If you say any of these phrases, you are annoying according to Reddit users!

Comments made by people who are ‘annoying,’ according to Reddit users!

“I don’t mean to be rude, but …”
“It’s common sense.”
“You know.”
“I simply have a powerful personality.”
“Let’s agree to disagree.”
“No offence, but …”
“It’s just a joke.”
“Let’s unpack this.”
“Do you know who I am?”
“Can’t you see I’m busy”
“It is what it is”
“Well, actually”
“Love the sinner, hate the sin”
“I always keep it real and a lot of people cannot handle the truth I speak.”
“That’s problematic.”
“I need to speak to the manager.”
“Not to play devil’s advocate, but …”
“Trust the science.”
“I’m just an aggressive person — I have a lot on my mind.”
“Full stop”
“Why are you in such a made mood?”
“Here’s the deal”
“We’re throwing a gender reveal party”
“Live, Laugh, love”
“Calm Down”
“If I were You”
“Must be nice”
“Are we there yet”
“I’m the type of person”
“Hear me out.”
“Per my last email …”
“Do your own research.”
“Because I said so.”
“Just giving you a hard time.”
“It’s a no brainer”
“Welcome to my world”
“It’s all good”
“I’ve been through worse”
“I’m sorry if I offended you”