Apparently you can get drunk by eating actual Goldfish!

We're not talking about the goldfish crackers!

GOLDFISHES possess the ability to produce small quantities of alcohol within their bodies, scientists have discovered.

This incredible ability allows them to survive when water freezes over during the harsh winters of its native northern European environment, reports The Sun.

The website Goldfish Keepers estimates that a small goldfish weighs about 20 grams.  A fish’s blood makes up about 5 per cent of its body weight, according to a book called Ornamental Fishes and Aquatic Invertebrates, which would mean each fish possesses about 1 gram of blood.  This means that the fish would contain about 0.5 milligrammes of alcohol.

This begs the question; how many goldfish would you have to eat in order to get drunk? Scientists say about 16,000 to give you the same affect as a pint of Stella…