Are you a good partner?

An old marriage test from 1939 is making the rounds online.  It’s supposed to tell you if you’re being a good husband or wife.


Signs you’re a good HUSBAND, according to the test:  

You’re nice to her friends
remember your anniversary
you’re kind to her, even if no one’s watching
you ask for her opinion sometimes
you let her drive the car if she needs it
and you read the paper out loud to her.  (???)

A few signs you’re NOT a great husband include: 

Flirting in front of her
comparing her to your mom, or previous wives
talking about how life was better before you got married
not saying “excuse me” when you burp
and criticizing her in public.


Now here are a few signs you’re a good WIFE by 1939 standards: 

You always serve dinner on time
you play an instrument
get dressed up for breakfast
you’re a good housekeeper
you always put the kids to bed
you run any big purchases by your husband first
and you let him sleep in on the weekends.


Some signs you’re NOT a good wife include: 

Not liking kids,
being late for appointments,
letting your cold feet touch him under the covers,
being a backseat driver,
getting jealous,
and wearing red nail polish.